Welcome to The Sonic Space Cat Revolution

Sonic Space Cat is a new meme token built for the community. We believe in the people and understand what it is to be community driven.

Eth contract: 0x868151961aa87FFe2F41A6

Bsc Contract: 0x3513f6a1EFD26c4518f6

Public Announcement!

ETH CA: 0x868151961aa87ffe2f41a6d4fd891328094def27

We launched on UNISWAP, September 18th, 7PM UTC/ 8PM WAT

About Sonic Space Cat

Sonic Space Cat is a new meme token built for the community. We believe in the people and understand what it is to be community driven.
Sonic Space Cat is a unique project that offers a fair and engaging transactions to its users. Unlike other projects, it does not involve staking or NFTs, making it more accessible to a wider audience. Sonic Space Cat, built on the basis of trust, has a great utility called SPACETRUST. A platform built to reform the Crypto space by listing trusted SAFU projects.

Our Mission

In recent times, pump and dumps have been so rampant in the space, spearheaded by Jeets, paper hand & rate of Rugs & crypto scams is alarming!
We intend to change that perspective by promoting the awareness and importance of been a diamond hand to our community.
Being a diamond hand pays but only when you hold a SAFU project which is why $SCAT introduces the Spacetrust platform to screen projects and doxx teams to provide the Community with great options of trusted projects and endorse choices of investment.
We're a project fully driven by the community who understands the power of community strength.


Our Utilities

Space Trust

First Crypto platform that list only safe projects, with other features included into it.
With the recent rise of scams in defi, we built SPACE TRUST to save the space Welcome to the safe era of DEFI

Coming Up

We are currently working with a based team to build a platform that can create a contract in 60 seconds.
Contracts impossible to exploit, scam, rug or honey pots.
Definitely a game changer in the space.

$SCAT ETH Tokenomics

Details on the Sonic Space Cat Ethereum Token.

Buy Tax 3%

1% liquidity

2% Marketing

Sell Tax 5%

1% utility development

1% liquidity

3% Marketing

Total Supply

1 Quadrillion

Starting MCAP


Hard Cap

25 ETH

Soft Cap

15 ETH

$SCAT Ethereum Launch

Launch:18th.September 7PM UTC/ 8PM WAT

Presale Details

Launchpad: Pinksale.
Presale was held 17th Sept.
Max Contribution: 0.15ETH
Min Contribution: 0.1ETH

$SCAT BSC Tokenomics


Buy Tax 3%

3% Marketing

Sell Tax 5%

1% liquidity, 1% burn, 3% marketing

Total Supply

1 Quadrillion

Presale and launch Price/BNB

1BNB= 8,514,846,046,090

Low Cap

+ Auto Burn Mechanism

SCAT BSC Launched


Presale was held on Pinksale.
Max Contribution: 0.3BNB
Min Contribution: 0.05BNB


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